Beach Dodgeball

This is our newest, most unique addition since knife league!
Beach Dodgeball is a real thing, and it’s everything you imagine.
The sun, the sand, and the ability to dodge and dive onto the cushy sand courts of the Valley Axe Backyard.


Teams structure: Coed 6’s

Game night: Fridays

Match times: 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

Match Length: Two- 20 minute halves. Five minute break between halves.

Season Length: 12 weeks

Season Start: June 1st

Playoffs: August 18th (Saturday)

Ball: Dodgeball Canada Foam ball

Rules: Official WDBF 

Team Fee: $300


Follow the link below to get your team registered!

You can also register by calling 519 491 8472 or by coming into Valley Axe

For any questions please email


The Valley Axe Backyard provides the two best Beach Courts in Lambton County.
The courts are filled with premium Hutcheson Sand; sand providers of  FIVB Championships and Olympic Beach Volleyball.
No other sand compares.

Court Playing area is 18m X 9m with five meters space between courts.

Teams will also have access to a massive 150-person second floor deck, outdoor bar access, change rooms, rinsing showers and more.