We did it! We managed to work out the kinks and the details and Valley Axe can now be enjoyed by the throwing curious and throwing enthusiasts as young as 13 in specially designated hours.

The specially designated hours are any day we’re open before 8pm.  After 8pm we’re back to adults only.

This is a huge win for Valley Axe and the Sarnia-Lambton area. One of our top requests is from adults hoping to bring their teenagers in for a fun day of axe throwing and we are at last able to deliver. Check below for guidelines and hours available for this amazing new development.


So does this announcement mean all kids can come in and or be dropped off by their parents at Valley Axe for some throwing?

Short Answer. No.
What this means is that kids as young as 13 can come with a parent or guardian for the duration of the event to throw axes. Anyone under the age of 18 still may not participate without adult supervision. The intent of this great new offer is to provide families with the opportunity to throw together.
This does not make Valley Axe a drop-off centre for teens. Rather a venue for family fun and growing.


As exciting as this all is let’s remember that this isn’t a blanket policy for all teens to come into Valley Axe during all operation times.  So let’s break down when exactly your teenager can come in and throw with you.

Teens 16-17 years of age
This group can attend axe throwing events any time we are open provided they are with a parent or guardian with them for the duration of the event.

Teens 13-15 years of age
This group can attend axe throwing events during the following hours provided they are with a parent or guardian for the duration of the event
Thursday- 5pm-8pm
Saturday-  11am-5pm
Sunday –   11am- 5pm


Q. Does this mean my 13, 15 and 16 year olds can come with me to throw some axes?

A. Yes, it does. That’s what all the excitement is about.


Q. Does this mean I can drop my 13, 15, and 16 year old off at Valley Axe for some throwing, run some errands while they’re enjoying that and return when they’re finished?

A. Hard no. Teens must be accompanied by a parent or guardian through the duration of their stay. No drop offs. Unaccompanied teens will not be allowed to throw.


Q. Does this mean I can have my teenager’s birthday party at Valley Axe?

A. Yes, it does.*

*Conditions apply. Keep reading.


Q. Does this mean I can bring my teenager and 20 of their friends for an event?

A. Technically…..yes. But we do have a minimum ratio of teens to adults of 5:1, so if there’s 20 teens, there’s at least 4 parents/guardians coming along with them. So an entire midget hockey team, for instance, can’t just show up with two coaches.


Q. What are the prices for teens?
A. The rates are the same for both teens and adults.


Q. Can my 11 year old come along with their older siblings?

A. We don’t want you to have to find a babysitter for a family outing , so yes, the 11 or 10 year old can come along, however, they will not be permitted to enter the axe throwing areas. They can hang out and do other stuff though.


Q. Can me and the teens come out Friday or Saturday night for a family event???

A. Only if they are at least 16 years old with a parent or guardian for the duarion of the event. . Other than that, no.  Saturdays we can accommodate teens 13-15 years old from 11-5pm but not after that.


Q. I’m 18 years old. Can I bring in a bunch of teens and be their guardian?

A. Nope. The parent or guardian accompanying teens at Valley Axe must be at least 25 years of age and have some type of relation to the teen(s) other than just ‘friend’ or ‘older cousin’.


If we didn’t answer all of your questions here please feel free to contact us at 519-491-8472 or email to