Yeah, we got a League! Actually we have THREE leagues. And its getting better with every new season.
All of our Leagues operate under the League of Edges umbrella along with several other clubs from around North America.
Click below to check out League of Edges

INDIVIDUAL  – Axe, Knife, and  the ever frustrating but SO satisfying No-Spin knife league. These leagues now run both TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY evenings. It’s your pick for which day you’d like to join!

And now introducing our biggest League development of the coming year

The League for the throwing curious ages 13-17. Details for Youth League HERE

We are on a journey to turn Sarnia into one of if not the best areas for axe AND knife throwers anywhere in the world, and we have made so much progress. Read on about our unique Skill Based Ranking that’s sure to provide an exciting, competitive atmosphere for everyone.

The Tools

Axes and Knives!!!!  Together at last. We may be called Valley Axe but we offer more than what the name reveals. Knives are now included in the League options.

Both axe and knife Leagues run simultaneously  for our Individuals Leagues. That way there’s no need to choose between them. If you want to do both, then go for it! You don’t need to come in on another night. You can do them both in one visit.

Individual League

Our Individual League night is going into its 14th iteration and we can’t wait to show you the newest developments.

This is the League for both curious newcomers and seasoned vets. Come by on Tuesdays or Wednesdays any time between 5 and 10pm, practice as long as you’d like and when you’re ready, do your weekly official scores in either axe, knife or both!

It all gets started January 14th for Tuesdays and January 15th for Wednesdays and will run  for 12 weeks culminating in a head-to-head tournament on Week 12, May 31st and April 1st.

Feeling a bit nervous about jumping into the shark tank? Don’t be. With the League of Edges unique Skill Based Ranking, you’ll be competitive right out of the gate.

Read on to learn more about the Ranking system.

Skill Based Ranking


League of  Edges’ Skill Based Ranking system is the result of a lot of research, mostly the input of League members both past and present over the past 3 years.

Stepping onto the range among some of the more dedicated League veterans can be an intimidating experience and can often lead the newcomer to ask, “how am I suppose to hang with these killers?”

But don’t be discouraged! League of Edges is designed to build up not just your skills but also your confidence.

When you first join League your skills will be assessed by a Valley Axe team member and you will be given a ranking. Your ranking will decide the difficulty of your throws every week. Newer throwers will start with the basics, while experienced throwers will be expected to take on a greater degree of difficulty.

As you improve in your throwing you will be rewarded with a higher ranking and thus an incremental increase in difficulty to help push you to new heights.

This way we all have something to work for but are not pushed ahead before we’re ready.

The beauty of this system is that it levels the playing field between new and experienced throwers and leads to intense competition that may not exist otherwise.

We are very proud of this system and the proof is in the results.  Four different throwers have accumulated 6 World Titles since implementing this system.


This year has been a weird one to say the least. As of this writing we are still in Stage 2 but luckily Valley Axe has outdoor targets and can get back to league play. We are running an 8-week Summer league to get back into the throwing spirit and enjoy that Summer sun in a safe way.

The league starts July 7th for Tuesday league, July 8th for Wednesday league.

Come anytime between 5pm and 9pm to practice and score on your league night. It’s just $100 for 8 weeks of league! Click below to register.


For details and registration for Youth League CLICK HERE.