Valley Axe is hosting the first Multiverse Throwers’ Challenge!
It’s all happening Saturday April 6th at NOON.

This is going to be 1 day of top quality competition

This tournament will showcase the Short Axe Game only.

Cash prizes of $500
Evening entertainment
Mostly friendly hosts!


There is a registration fee of $25+ tax. This will go towards payouts for competitors
Hit the link below to jump in.

Event Details

This tournament will showcase the Multiverse Throwers’ Challenge: Short Axe Game with a maximum of 32 competitors.

This game features blended rules of IKTHOF, WATL and NATF. To strike a balance between each rule set established throwers from each organization were consulted to give their opinions on how best to represent their respective organization while allowing some concessions. The Multiverse Throwers’ Challenge is the result of this process.

Event Format

The tournament will unfold in the following method.

Warm Up

After sign up and registration is complete throwers will be allotted 15 minutes of warm up. A timer will sound every 2.5 minutes indicating all throwers must switch out to allow others to warm up.

Preliminary Event

Throwers will be assigned randomly to groups of 3-4 and assigned a starting lane. Each group will score each other in their assigned lane with the provided scoresheet.
Each thrower will throw 5 times in the assigned lane. The 1st and 2nd throw will be from a minimum 3m distance.
The 3rd and 4th throws will be thrown at a minimum distance of 4m, with the Killshot open on the 3rd throw, but not required.
The 5th throw will be from a minimum distance of 5m with the killshot open, but not required.

Once all throwers in every lane have scored, groups will rotate to the next lane on their right and repeat the process. Once every group has scored on all 8 lanes for a total of 40 throws per thrower the preliminary event will conclude.

Tournament Seeding

Throwers will be placed in a bracket based on their standing in the preliminary event. Top seed will face bottom seed, second seed will face second from the bottom, etc, etc…

Tournament Progression

Once throwers are seeded the tournament will be carried out in single elimination until only 8 throwers remain.
Once there are only 8 throwers remaining the tournament will be carried out in double elimination format until the first Multiverse Champion is crowned.


For a full list of rules please visit the following link. You can also watch the video linked below to get a sense of how the game unfolds in real time.

Please familiarize yourself with all  rules and read the FAQ at the end of the document. Remember this tournament will focus only on SHORT AXE GAME. So don’t worry about knives or the Long Game distances. If you still have questions about the rules after reading the document please send them to


Doors open at 11:00 am

Sign in/ late registration 11:00-12:00

Warm up 12:00- 12:15

Preliminary throwing 12:15- 1:15

 Wild Card 1:30-2:30

Finals 2:30-3:30


Valley Axe will be providing throwing space to goof around or issue challenges and $5 vouchers at District Beta, a licensed arcade in the same building, for anyone wishing to stick around after the tournament.


Valley Axe address:

1886 London Line, Sarnia, Ontario, N7W 1B3

Click for map link


Here are few options for hotel accommodations in Sarnia within 10 minutes or less (driving) to the range.

Low cost-  The Versatile Inn

You may be able to find cheaper, but YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

Mid/high cost –  The Hampton Inn, The Quality Inn