Valley Axe is proud to announce our latest project in sports entertainment.


Home Ice is our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions. We listened to the community, we learned what our options are, we took a collective deep breath, and we invested in indoor sports in 2020. *GULP*


What is it?


Home Ice consists of two synthetic ice pads to be used for so many skating related events.
Each pad is approximately 20′ X 30′, providing enough space for specialized hockey training or hosting skating groups for family parties or birthdays. The ice pads are separated by a 20 foot block wall, giving not only privacy, but also a solid physical barrier between your group and the next.


The ice is world class synthetic, offering the absolute best skating experience next to real ice. Synthetic ice doesn’t need to be cooled which means you don’t need to bundle up for the cold you’re used to. And it means the Home Ice is usable in ALL SEASONS.


And the best part is ANYONE can rent Home Ice, any day of the week. Morning, evening, or night.


And you can use real skates on it?


YES. Synthetic ice is made for use with real skates. You lace up with your favorite pair, hop on and get to it.


Well, with hockey skates, anyway. One limitation is no toe picks. Sorry, figure skaters! But toe picks will damage the ice severely.


What can we do on Home Ice?


Whether you’re looking for some hockey shooting and stick handling practice or just looking for a place to host a fun gathering for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or even looking to get your young children on the ice for the first time, Home Ice has you covered.


Hockey training


Coming in for hockey training? No problem. Home Ice will provide the net and a range of training equipment provided by local builders Forge Hockey at NO EXTRA COST.


Private skating experience


Want some time to practice those basic skating skills in private? Want build your skills without the crowd around? No problem at all. Home Ice will be just you and the ice, unimpeded by obstacles.


Party time


Looking for a memorable gathering for a special day? Home Ice has just the thing! Turn out the house lights, fire up the LED’s and black lights, pump up the tunes and get that roller rink vibe going….AT NO EXTRA COST.








Home Ice has a few different prices options to suit your needs!


Standard Rate


This rate applies Monday- Friday from 5:00pm to close, all day Saturday and Sunday, and during holidays and PD days.


The cost is $100+HST for up to 4 people. The rate includes providing hockey nets and training equipment and/or the LED/black light experience.



Off-Peak Rate (35% off!)


The Off-Peak Rate runs from Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm for non-holidays. And from 9-11pm Monday-Saturday.


The cost is $65+HST for up to 4 skaters for 1 hour. The rate includes providing hockey nets and training equipment and/or the LED/black light experience.


Half Hour Session


The Half Hour option runs from Monday to Friday from 3pm – close and from open to close Saturday and Sunday.


The cost is $50+HST for up to 4 skaters for 30 minutes. The rate includes providing hockey nets and training equipment and/or the LED/black light experience.


Tuesday discount!


On Tuesday evenings our Off-Peak Rate for 1 hour bookings goes all day long. Enjoy a 35% discount from the standard rate at any time on Tuesdays!








Can we use any skates at Home Ice?


Unfortunately, Home Ice is for hockey skates only. The synthetic ice industry hasn’t been able to figure out the damage created by toe picks just yet.
But that doesn’t mean you have to buy hockey skates if you don’t have any. You can rent a pair of skates on arrival at Home Ice for just $7.


Do we need to use helmets?


For any hockey training, yes, helmets are required. Once sticks and pucks are involved we don’t take any chances.


For just a skating session, it is at the adults’/parents’ discretion. If you or your kids are not strong skaters yet, helmets are strongly encouraged.


Is this COVID safe?


Each Home Ice pad is in its own area, surrounded by three massive walls, isolating you and your group from any other activities on site, including other skating groups and axe throwing groups.


Between sessions, the ice is cleaned and the area is sprayed with disinfectant for the next incoming group.


Can I run training for my clients at Home Ice?


Yes! If you have an established clientele or you’re looking to start building your training business we have a great opportunity for you to expand. For more information please email [email protected]


Can my kids be booked to skate while I throw axes with my friends?


ABSOLUTELY! Both axe throwing and skating can be booked at the same place.




Can we walk in to skate?


Because of the capacity restrictions in place and need for sanitization Home Ice is by appointment only.


Do I have to bring my own skates?


Nope! You can rent skates when you arrive for $7.


Can we hang out after to have cake and food?


Due to COVID restrictions this can’t be guaranteed. Depending on the number of people in the facility that day we may or may not be able to accommodate you after skating.


What are your hours for skating?


Click here to see all available hours!


Can I run a fundraiser at Home Ice?


Yes! We have a fantastic package available for fundraising events that is perfectly suited for even COVID restrictions. For more info please email [email protected]


Have more questions?
Contact us at [email protected]