Founders League is coming.

We were planning on having our first League in September, but we said to hell with it. Let’s run a condensed league in August.

  • It will be 5 weeks long instead of 8.
  • Every Wednesday of August.
  • Thirty official throws per competitor every week.
  • Thirty-two competitor maximum.
  •  Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.
  • Free life-time membership card.
  • Title of Founding Member forever.
  • All that for $50+HST.

Its convenient. The “Valley” in Valley Axe is a nod to the thousands of us that work in Chemical Valley. We work long and inconsistent hours, making it difficult to commit to any teams or classes.  This is why Valley Axe uses a Flex League. Competitors are not confined to just an hour window to show up and play. Any time that works for you on Wednesday between 5-10 is fine for us. We don’t want anyone to have to choose between  double-time and axe throwing. Get that double-bubble, and come throw when you’re done.

So how does this work?

It’s simple. Each Wednesday of August competitors will come to Valley Axe. You will go to an open lane and warm up your arm. When your turn comes you’ll be called to the scoring targets. You will have 10 more practice throws and then you will be scored on 30 throws.

Each week your final score will be added to your existing score. After 4 weeks we will take the accumulated scores and place you in a tournament bracket for the Championships in week 5, August 31st.

There will also be other games and challenges played on week 5 for anyone to enter.

Download Registration Form

So get your registration form submitted. Once its in you’ll be sent an invoice for your league fees, which can be paid online or at the range. Just remember that your spot is NOT confirmed until your fees are paid up. 

See you August 3rd for Week 1, Founder.


Valley Axe