A new day rises on Valley Axe. The introduction of the target system that will push us all to new levels.

More targets, more throws, more games. These all lead to greater success, higher scores and tougher competition.

For the first official 8-week season the Valley Axe Team is very proud to bring you end-grain targets. The most consistent and most satisfying thunk from a target anywhere.

The rules are quite similar to the Founder’s League with a couple major exceptions.


1. Instead of throwing a single hawk at a single target at a time, players will have 3 hawks and 3 targets.
Each player will throw 3 times, once per target, and then retrieve their hawks. This will give players an opportunity to build a throwing rhythm to get into the zone.|
This system is based off of the IKTHOF target system. The most widely recognized international system in the world.

Targets are at varying heights to add to the complexity of the throws.

2. Players may begin using their own hawks so long as they:
a) have a handle length of no less than 13 inches and
b) have a cutting edge no longer than 4 ½ inches.

Furthermore, players will throw at each set of targets 4 times over 3 different lanes, resulting in 36 individual throws. Six more than in Founder’s League.

Scores from each week will be cumulative throughout the first 7 weeks, culminating in a ranked tournament on week 8.


Prizes will be given for the following:

  • Highest score over 7 weeks, and runners up
  • Final Tournament Champion, and runners up


There are two options for membership to Season 1.

League Basic is $100+HST and will give players range time on Wednesday’s throughout Season 1 from 5:00p to 10:00pm

League Plus is $130+HST. In addition to the Wednesday time from League Basic players will have an additional 2-hour practice window on Sundays from 12:00pm to 2:00pm.

Download League Registration