Season 2: Night and Day

Brothers and sisters of the blade. It’s with great pleasure that we announce the next step in our axe throwing adventure. There are 3 very important details we need to cover about Season 2.

Click here for a registration form. Send your completed registration to [email protected] or bring it to the range.


League has become increasingly popular. There is a limited amount of players we can accommodate on a given night. From the response we have received we believe we may hit or come close to that number for Season 2. In response to this, we have decided to open a second day for League. In addition to Wednesday League, there will be a Sunday League. Sunday League will run from noon to 5:00 pm. We are very excited to offer an afternoon League as this will be far more accommodating to Sarnia citizens that cannot commit to an evening League.


We’ve been laying the foundations for solid throwing ability and now we will round it out.

This season of league will introduce the 540 throw, or the 1.5  spin. This throw is accomplished by standing approximately 1 meter back from your 1 spin spot, turning the blade the back of the room and throwing to the target, resulting in the handle pointing towards the ceiling upon landing in the target.  It can sound intimidating but we promise after a bit of practice you will be just as comfortable with a 540 as your are with a 360. Being able to throw both types of throw is essential in further developing your throwing ability. 


There are now 3 levels of membership available.

League  Basic will enroll you in either the Wednesday or Sunday League.  

League Plus will enroll you in Wednesday or Sunday League plus Saturday practice time from 11 am to 2 pm

League Premium will enroll you in Wednesday League, Sunday League and Saturday practice.

These three options give you more opportunity to get more throws in with up to 13 available throwing hours every week. 


We hope you are as excited about Season 2 as we are. One and a half spin throws really open up the game, and are just really fun and satisfying to land. 

Please click here to download a registration form.  Send your completed registration to [email protected] or bring it to the range.

See you at the range!