Youth League is currently on hiatus due to the ongoing pandemic.
When we return, however, we will be expanding the eligible age from 8 to 16 years.  This will really help fill the ranks and ensure Youth League’s long term viability.



Youth League is returning July 11th, 2021 outside!


The Youth League will be divided into two sections.  Training and Scoring.


During this hour a coach will be guiding the Youth League through a particular aspect of axe throwing. Topics could range from grip styles, winding up styles, focus exercises and more. Since becoming a proficient thrower involves so many aspects of movement and mental clarity we want to dial in on one thing at a time.

Once the theory behind the session is explained an exercise will be given to the  League to practice for the remainder of the hour. During that time the coach will spend at least a few minutes with each student to correct any obvious form errors before they become habits.


The second hour will be for scoring. Each member of the Youth League will be given an opportunity to score based on their skill level at that time. As skill increases, so will the difficulty.  Scores will accumulate week after week and the highest score at the end of the League will be the Season Champion.


The coming League will be $135 for the 12 week season.


Q. Will the Youth League be axes and knives and spears and everything?

A. Not right now. To get everyone on the same page we will be doing only axes to start. We will be looking at knife throwing down the road though.

Q.  Does everyone in the Youth League need to have their own axes?

A. No. We have several house axes available to be thrown by our members, however, if any members want to dedicate themselves to becoming better throwers we have excellent axes for sale here at Valley Axe.

Q. What kind of clothing should be worn? Is there a uniform?

A. There is no uniform required to be in Youth League. Wearing comfortable, somewhat loose fitting clothes is best so movement is not restricted.  No opened-toe shoes are allowed

Q. If my child is in League can I just drop them off and get them at the end?

A.  Negative. As of this writing we don’t know your kids and they don’t know us. We need parents to accompany their kids as we develop a relationship.

Q. Can much younger siblings come to watch?

A. Currently we can have kids as young as 10 watching but no younger. The building does have an arcade, laser tag and rock climbing to enjoy though.


There’s two ways to register for Youth League.

Come to Valley Axe. If you’ve never seen our facility please feel free to come by and check it out. If you like what you see you can register here.

Or you can  register online. Hit the links below to get registered now.


If you have any other questions please feel free to give us  a call at 519 491 8472 or you can email to [email protected]