Phase 3 is here! Book indoor events with up to 25 people!


Gift Certificates!

Grab an e-gift card by following this link  or come in and get a physical one the old fashioned way.

Home Ice

Our newest offering is indoor synthetic ice pads.
Each pad is 20 feet X 30 feet.
Fully equipped with hockey net, pucks and training gear to get that extra training time.
And COMING SOON, LED lighting system to enhance your skating experience.

Group Sizes & Ages

During Phase 2 of  reopening Valley Axe can host party sizes of 2-25  people outdoors.

For skating events there are no age restrictions.
Children 8 and older are welcome to participate in axe throwing. Kids between 8-15 must be with a parent or guardian.

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Welcome to Valley Axe!

What is axe throwing?

Good question! At its most basic axe throwing is simply throwing an axe and sticking the blade into a target. Many of you out there may have done this over the years while camping or hunting, using a tree as a target. At Valley Axe we have taken axe throwing to another level and built an indoor facility for our players to hone their skills and have a blast with friends and family.  The axes, the targets, coaching, music, and beverages, are all made available so you can focus on hitting a bullseye and hearing that oh-so-satisfying thunk of the blade sinking into the target.

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