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For nearly a decade Hidden Trail has been providing Windsor communities with intense, immersive, lifetime memories with their unique escape room designs.
Now they bring a new version of one of their best performing rooms ever to Sarnia at Valley Axe.
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A new thrill for Sarnia

It’s the Mad Hatter’s UN-Birthday! In fact, it’s the Mad Hatter’s un-birthday every day, and you’re all invited! He just loves playing games and making as little sense as possible. Can you figure out his puzzles and solve your way through Wonderland?

Get ready to celebrate!

  • No age minimum
  • Immersive experience
  • Instruction provided

Difficulty: A whimsical adventure ideal for escape room beginners and players of all ages.

Recommended group size: 4 players needed to book, to a maximum of 12.


What is an escape room?

Escape rooms are themed rooms filled with puzzles, hidden items, padlocks and more. Your goal is to explore and solve these puzzles in order to reach a goal and escape in under an hour. This can involve searching for hidden items, finding secret codes, opening locks and more. (Note: You can leave at any point, though we recommend playing it out!)

How much time do we have? What if we don’t get out?

You have one hour to complete the room. Your goal is to escape before that hour is up! If you do not escape within the hour, we will try to show you the rest of the room’s surprises before letting you out.

Is the room private?

Yes! When you make a booking, it is blocked off for your group only, no matter how small. You will not be grouped up with strangers. That said, multiple rooms may be booked at the same time, so you may encounter other groups in the lobby.

How scary is the room?

The Mad Hatter’s Birthday is definitely not scary. Unless you’re afraid of an awesome time.

What age do players need to be?

All ages are welcome, though we recommend at least one adult in the room for players younger than 12. Groups must have at least one player who is 18+ or outside consent from someone 18+.

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Special Events

Want to run a big event with multiple attractions for the group? Contact us to plan a combination party that can include Archery Time, Mad Hatter’s Birthday Escape, Axe and knife throwing, Gellyball, beach volleyball, and the soccer field!

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