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ArcheryTime® is the world’s most advanced archery simulator.
Noticeably interactive · The projected ArcheryTime® world reacts everywhere and in real time.
The heart of the system. The precise detection of the arrow by our multi-sensor technology opens the doors to a new dimension in archery.


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New Valley fun. Same Valley safety.

Like everything we do, ArcheryTime is a coached and guided experience. The staff will get you familiar with archery safety, demonstrate a shot, coach you to success and get you going on games.

  • Ages 8+
  • Gamified, immersive experience
  • Equipment provided

ArcheryTime has a host of different game play options, with stationary and moving targets on screen.

The super intelligent software adjusts the difficulty level to your ability.

And Valley provides all the equipment you’ll need!

Unleash Your Inner Archer

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Indulge that long standing desire to give archery a shot. Get your foundation down and lose yourself in different challenges and scenarios.

ArcheryTime is NOT like Olympic archery
It’s DYNAMIC archery

With Archery Time expect to:

  • Hit moving targets
  • Adapt to different scenarios
  • Learn to shoot under pressure
  • Get rewarded for accuracy AND speed

Enjoy ArcheryTime from the comfort of an indoor setting.

Rain or shine, game on.

Learn the archery essentials in a semi-private setting. You won’t be on display while you figure it out.

Compete Against the World

The ArcheryTime world has nearly 30 arenas and growing every month!

With connected Leagues and Tournaments, you can see how you stack up against the best-of-the-best in archery from Sarnia.

Special Event Bookings

Request a Special Event set up

Want to run a big event with multiple attractions for the group? Contact us to plan a combination party that can include ArcheryTime, Mad Hatter’s Birthday Escape, Axe and knife throwing, Gellyball, beach volleyball, and the soccer field!