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When Adam first started throwing he felt an axe-shaped hole being filled in his heart. He knew he was going to enjoy this sport for a long time, and that his fellow Sarnians needed to be given the chance to try it. Adam is the mind behind Valley Axe. He has spent countless hours shaping the feel of the range, the furniture, and the activities in his mind, and now in reality, in an effort to offer entertainment tailored to the Sarnia-Lambton crowd.


Bo is a lifelong student of martial arts. He has studied, for various amounts of time, Brazilian jiu jitsu, muay thai, wrestling, judo, and kung-fu. He is the 2017 US Amateur Tomahawk Champion. His accuracy is improving every day and he looks forward to competing for a World Title in Tomahawk and Knife throwing.


Laura brings an energy to the game that’ll have your party whipped into a frenzy.  She likes a high stakes game that’ll lead to epic wins, crushing defeats and lasting memories.  Laura has also become a true threat at the range due to her work ethic and enthusiasm for the game. Her baseball background has helped her develop one of, if not the most, consistent throw from the line.  And if you think that’s impressive, wait till you see her mesmerizing double spin throw from 25 feet out.