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Axe League has arrived in Chatham!

League is back in Chatham!

It’s going to be exciting and innovative! Get ready, people! This league will present a host of challenges.

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The next  League is on Sundays from 6:00pm-8:30pm


Each week you will practice time and scored throws. Your score will accumulate every week until the finals where a head-to-head tournament decides the champion.

This is the League for both curious newcomers and seasoned vets. With increasing difficulty as your skills develop you will be pushed to become an expert in axe throwing.

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With Improved Proficiency Comes Increased Challenge

League of Edges’ Skill Based Ranking: A system to up the ante as your skills reach new heights. Pushing you farther from the target as your Rank increases, resulting in non-stop challenges. No monotony or boredom from repeating the same throw forever.

The beauty of this system is that it levels the playing field between new and experienced throwers and leads to intense competition that may not exist otherwise.

We are very proud of this system and the proof is in the results. Five different throwers have accumulated several World Titles since implementing this system in 2017



September 24th  –  December 10th (12 weeks)



Sundays 6:00pm – 8:00pm




$135 + HST



Supplied by Valley Axe or BYOA (Minimum 13″ handle, 4.5″ blade)
Set of 3 axes required




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league member benefits

Discounted Throwing

Active league members receive 50% the standard hourly throwing rate outside of scheduled league time.


Challenging Games

Play a variety of projected games, each selected to help build a specific skill.



Meet some new people with a common interest!